Leaders in Blockchain

In 2020, we launched The Blockchain Laboratory, to enhance our work as the premier academic leader in the blockchain space.


Provide access to rich data to the Penn community

Develop unique research opportunities for students and faculty

Participate in and learn about the blockchain governance process.

Support innovation in the blockchain community.

The Blockchain Laboratory administers grants for research related to blockchain and cryptocurrency.
Please contact us to inquire about research proposals for the current award cycle.

At the Blockchain Laboratory, our team runs validation nodes on several blockchain networks, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, and engages in research projects focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency.  In addition, the Laboratory cultivates a cohort of Blockchain Fellows, who have opportunities to conduct research projects, engage with blockchain business leaders, and assist in the operations of the nodes.

Faculty Supervisor:  Sarah Hammer, Managing Director (sarah21@upenn.edu)
Student Director:  Rishin Sharma (sharmark@wharton.upenn.edu)

Research Areas include:

  • Decentralized Finance
  • U.S. and Global Blockchain Regulation
  • Financial Infrastructure
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies
  • Crypto Strategy for Traditional Institutions
  • Enterprise Blockchain
  • Non-Fungible Tokens

The Blockchain Laboratory is a proud sponsor of the Wharton Fintech Conference.

The Blockchain Laboratory is excited to announce its plans to launch a Blockchain Accelerator in 2020!