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Sarah Hammer raised an interesting point in her testimony: We don’t yet have a unified source of data to make sense of crypto. Before we can regulate crypto, we need to know more about it. Read full article

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Sarah Hammer & Sameer Gupta — Introducing Cypher, Penn’s New Blockchain Accelerator

The Cypher Accelerator is a blockchain accelerator launched through the Stevens Center at Wharton. The name and the logo were designed by students at the University of Pennsylvania. The board of advisors for the program includes Mark Cuban, Tim Draper, former CFTC Chair J. Christopher Giancarlo, and partners from Andreessen Horowitz, Bessemer Venture Partners, Bain Capital, QED Investors, Union Square Ventures, Point72, and Pantera Capital. Read full article

Wharton Global Youth Partners with a Leading Nonprofit to ‘Open the Gates’ to Education Access

Philadelphia, September 30, 2021 — This week, 100 students from eight high schools across six U.S. cities are taking on a new and unique academic challenge. They are the first scholars to participate in “The Essentials of Personal Finance,” a Wharton Global Youth Program pre-baccalaureate course delivered in partnership with the National Education Equity Lab and taught by Wharton’s David Musto, director of the Stevens Center for Innovation in Finance, and a group of 11 Wharton MBAs serving as teaching fellows. Read full article

New Frontiers in Finance and Philanthropy

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Fintech Charters: What Does the Future Hold?

Financial technology firms, or fintechs, are facing a crucial time with regulators questioning plans to give them charters that would enable them to offer products similar to those of banks, but with relatively fewer regulatory requirements.  Read full article

Why Regulation Won’t Harm Cryptocurrencies

The confirmation on April 14 of Gary Gensler as chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission has fueled worries that increased regulation of cryptocurrencies would hurt trading volumes and prices and stifle innovation in the nascent segment, and prompt industry participants to flee to less stringent jurisdictions.  Read full article ⇒

How Can Financial Institutions Prepare for AI Risks?

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies hold big promise for the financial services industry, but they also bring risks that must be addressed with the right governance approaches, according to a white paper by a group of academics and executives from the financial services and technology industries, published by Wharton AI for Business. Read full article ⇒