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The Stevens Center is engaged in trailblazing research and thought leadership, focused on the future of finance.

Wharton’s Fintech Specialization

Wharton announces a new online program: “Fintech: Foundations and Applications of Financial Technologies.” With this program Wharton demonstrates its commitment to creating business education that is relevant to today’s rapidly changing business landscape. The four-course specialization is available on the Coursera platform. Topics covered include payments, cryptocurrency and blockchain, lending, crowdfunding, modern investing and insurtech.

Research Papers

Buying Bitcoin by Robert Gutmann, Jonathan Knehr, Phillip Rapoport, Ross L. Stevens
Using live trade execution data from an institutional money manager, the paper measures the real-world costs and challenges a trader faces when demanding significant liquidity of Bitcoin.

The Blockchain Ecosystem by Sarah Hammer


The Wharton Fintech Club aims to promote fintech and foster innovation through a podcast series that features leaders from a vast range of fintech companies and fintech investors around the world.

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